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JimsList Craigslist Searcher

A free and fast way to search craigslist multiple locations.

If you've never heard of craigslist then you must have been in hiding for a while. Craigslist is the digital version of the newspaper classified ads.

The good thing about craigslist for both the buyer and the seller is that, for the most part, craigslist is free. Free to use and usually free to post ads. Because of this you will find most anything you are looking for; from a TV, to a good high dollar bike, or to your next future ex-spouse. You can also find a new job to help pay for all those things.

The drawback with craigslist is that, like the newspaper, the ads are usually local. For example, if you live in Los Angeles there is a Los Angeles craigslist site. If someone is selling something in Orange County, there is another craigslist site. If you search only the Los Angeles site you will not see the ad posted on the Orange County site. So to search both, you have to do it twice.

Usually you will only be searching the local site and this is not a problem. But if you are looking for a hard to find item, or perhaps an exceptionally good deal, you might be willing to travel the extra distance.

Jimslist Craigslist Searcher allows you to select several different craigslist locations to search at the same time, and it does the search quickly. It also allows the ability to sort and filter, to help with your search.

Try Jimslist Craigslist searcher and see how easy it is to use.

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JimsList is a full-featured craigslist(c) RSS searcher. Features include:
  • Search multiple locations at the same time
  • Save and Load stored searches
  • Auto-run in background with sound notification of new matches
  • Flag listings as like/don't like
  • Store notes for individual listings

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